About Us

We are a dealer and client-focused Lease-Transfer company based in Ontario Canada. We bring over 15 years of experience in transferring Leases for the benefit of clients and dealers. The Lease-Transfer market has grown substantially over the past decade and we have watched it with great care. We see a huge opportunity in servicing our clients by offering the ability to Transfer Leases and allowing them to move in and out of contracts freely and enjoy vehicles for shorter periods of time.

We believe in full transparency when it comes to transferring leases and we have worked hard to develop a safe and ethical environment for sellers and buyers to complete a lease transfer from start to finish. The systems we have developed have originated from working with our clients in dealerships and helping them offload leases for the benefit of the client and the dealership.

We have designed our Web site so that someone with minimal knowledge of Transferring leases can hire a Brand Ambassador to help them transfer the vehicle to a new owner in a short period of time.

Or if they wish to use our helpful and easy to use Ad building tools they can create a great-looking Ad in a very short period of time and transfer the lease themselves. Our Website offers a Patented, Client Communication system to help users complete a transaction from start to finish. Our system will help guide the user step by step to complete an equitable transaction for both parties.

We also offer a great selection of dealer offered inventory in New Car Demos, Pre-owned, and New car lease promotions. The vehicles that we offer from our dealer network are great examples of deals with great monthly payments intended for future lease transfers.

Whether you are looking to take over a great lease deal from one of our clients or if you are looking to start a new lease from our dealer network,

Lease-Transfer.ca has the perfect lease for you.

If you are interested in joining our dealer-network please contact us info@lease-transfer.ca